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Our Services

Engine Cleaning

It is important to maintain a clean engine and clean engine compartment. Your vehicle's engine and surrounding areas will collect a lot of dust, oil grime, and build up over time, and keeping it clean can even help your engine run cooler.   If you’re in need of professional

engine cleaning services, contact Suds Auto Spa! 

Paint Protection

Protecting the paint on your car can help maintain the color of your car and protect it from outside elements. We can provide a clear paint protection coat on your vehicle that will leave it shining and looking good as new. Contact us today for paint protection application services if you’re in the Fresno Area! 

Polishing Services

Have you noticed your car is looking a little old, dull, or has some spots that could use improvement? Then it might be time for a polish to brighten up the paint on your car and give it a necessary makeover. While polishes aren’t needed all the time, when they are needed, we can help determine if a polish is right for you, call us today! 

Other Services Include:

Fragrance/Air Freshener
Car Wash
Interior Shampoo
Oxidation Removal
Tire Detailing
Complete Interior Detailing
Paint Restoration
Scratch Removal
Waxing Services
Interior Detailing
Headlight Restoration
Mobile Detailing Services
Tar, Bugs & Tree Sap Removal
Wheel & Rim Detailing